Meet Command-G,
your new copilot
for Xcode.

An evolving suite of AI tools for iOS, macOS and visionOS developers.

Requires macOS 12+
CMD-G Is All You Need


Receive code suggestions while you type. We find this most useful for repetitive coding tasks and getting inspiration when you don't want to bother with ChatGPT. This feature is powered by Codeium. Expect latency and quality comparable with Github Copilot.

*Command-G is not affiliated with Codeium.

GPT-4Free with API key


By integrating ChatGPT with Xcode, we've made it easier for you to insert your code as context in your conversations with ChatGPT. Having this copilot at your fingertips keeps you in flow so you can get more stuff done.

Privacy and Security

Command-G servers never see your code or messages. There's no telemetry to track app usage. We maintain a razor thin API to enable the app to check for software updates and manage licenses.

(We would love it if a community member used a program like mitmproxy/CharlesProxy to verify our claims.)

The app performs direct requests against API providers, therefore each feature is subject to the privacy policy of their respective provider.

Is Command-G free?


Who made this?

Command-G is developed by Olivier Truong. He previously worked at Stripe building financial infrastructure that powers cards issued by the biggest startups in the world. Before that, he spent time at Facebook helping develop the Messenger app for iOS. You can occasionally find him on Twitter @olivierqt.